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Name:Ishida Mitsunari of the Toyotomi
Birthdate:Jun 25
Location:Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland
Mitsunari and Motochika

Ishida Mitsunari's rp account. Player: Marta Kira Ayanami. Talitha kum on plurk.

If you want to rp with a child version of him (Sakichi), I'd also love to.

I'm also voicetesting Chidori from Ninja Girl and Samurai Master (likeabirdie @ DW) and Kallus from Star Wars: Rebels (persistentagent @ DW) and would love to do some threads with them, as well.

Also, can I shamelessly self-plug my Archive of Our Own account? It's Marta_Ayanami. :D

P.S.: If I'm oocly overenthusiastic or bug you in any other way, please jut tell me directly, I'm bad at noticing such stuff and I really don't want to offend anyone. Because I did a few times accidently I guess (again, sorry), so that was a good reality check in rping for me, and I don't wanna repeat that.

Interests (37):

avenging hideyoshi-sama, captain motochika?, everything connected to hanbei-sama, everything connected to hideyoshi-sama, gyobu, hanbei-sama, hanbei-sama not dying, hanbei-sama not dying in my presence, hanbei-sama's death (please don't die), hanbei-sama's wisdom, hideyoshi-sama, hideyoshi-sama patting my head, hideyoshi-sama patting my shoulder, hideyoshi-sama's rule, hideyoshi-sama's strength, hideyoshi-sama's-----hideyoshi-sama nooooooo!!!, ieyasu!!!, ieyasu's death, if i don't note hanbei's illness will it go away?, killing ieyasu, lord hideyoshi's japan, lord hideyoshi's praise, lord hideyoshi's world, lord hideyoshi's world conquest, not ieyasu, not sakon, not sakon's gambling, not self-awareness, pretending not to notice lord hanbei's illness, really not food, really not money, really not strangers, toyotomi, yoshitsugu, yoshitsugu not betraying me, yoshitsugu's wisdom and caring, yukimura
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